Cheeky Chums - Providing cuddles and care for your precious pets

Cheeky Chums

Puppy & Cat Care

Puppies need a lot of care & attention. Let Cheeky Chums take care of your puppy when you're not able to be there. Lots of cuddles & play guaranteed. 

So if you just need us pop in at lunch time or twice a day, we will make sure your puppy is fed, exercised and has lots of fun.

Cheeky Chums can also take care of your cats if you're going on holiday or away for the weekend. There's no need to put your cats through the stress of going into a cattery and they will be much happier in their own home. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your cats are being loved and cared for while you're away. We can pop in once or twice a day and even open/close your curtains, put the bins out, turn lights on and off etc, so your home will be safer too.

Dog Walking

At Cheeky Chums we believe in giving your dogs our undivided attention. Unlike most dog walkers, we will only walk a maximum of 2 dogs together. Your dogs will be much calmer & happier which is great news if your dog is a little on the nervous side. If you would prefer your dog to be walked on their own that's no problem. It won't cost any extra for a solo walk (many other dog walkers would charge you double for this).

Walks usually last about an hour but puppies & elderly dogs can be booked in for a half hour walk if you prefer.

Caged Pets

We take care off all types of caged pets - rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds etc.

We will feed & water your pets,  clean cages, cuddle & play.

Great for busy people or if you are going away. 

When a little extra help is needed

We all experience times in our lives when we need a little extra help.

  •  During illness or after surgery
  •  In old age
  •  Physical disabilities
  •  Long term illness
  •  New baby in the house
We are on hand to give you some extra support and help with those little things that matter a lot. Whether its:
  •  Popping to the shops for groceries
  •  Picking up heavy pets supplies - food, cat litter etc
  •  Help with pet care
  •  Taking you out with your pet
 We charge £10 for the first hour + £6 per hour for further hours if needed

 Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements & tailor made quote